Happy New Year - 2013

After 5 years never update my blog, now i feel like update it to show I still alive.

Generally, these 5 years is my challenging life.
First of all, I got married. This is one of the milestone in my life.

Here is the summary of my works:
- Build a fish business with my brother from nothing until today into a medium size exporter in Malaysia.
- Build an Alliance for Aquarium Industry. First of it kind in this industry.
- Starting our first Regional distribution center in Dubai.
—- In fact, i moved to Dubai to start this center. I will be here for 2 years minimum to start this center. I hope it could automatically run after 2 years. My job is to build a system and a team.
- Experienced the worst time of my life ever up to now. 2 months life in Sudan. The 4th world country.
- Experienced 9 months life in Bali-Indonesia. I met good and bad partners. Generally, it is a bad experience in Bali. Nothing special for me in Bali. I do not know, why so many people like to travel to Bali. It is so damn traffic jam. Tired of it.

Time to Take a rest in Dubai now. Enjoying the Desert life.

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Building Auto Respondent Email by using Testimonials

Build Auto Respondent email via Testimonial If you looking for a way to create a good email for your auto-respondent, this is a good article you must READ. - Testimonials Sell. Email Them by MindValley.

Personally, I been struggling to read an effective auto-respondent email for my fish business. So far, I only created 4 emails for it. By right, the ideal number should be 7 emails in order to convince the potential leads on your service and product.

The easiest way to start-off is using the testimonial from your client .Testimonial is one of the zero cost tool described in Guerilla Marketing. Use it to build the trust between you and your leads. Leads always believe on what people say about your service / product.

What to wait? Check out the simple way to use Testimonial as the beckoned of your auto-respondent email.

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SEO Tips: Ideal Folder Level In Website Hierarchy

Today, I was researching on the ideal level of folder hierarchy for a website from the SEO aspect. I would like to have a best structure for future expansion of my next project  which is setting up a Blog for my fish export business. I have 2 options; either setup the blog in Sub-Domain or Sub-Folder structure just as below:

Sub-Domain Structure: http://Blog.AquariumFishExporter.com/

Sub-Folder Structure: http://AquariumFishExporter.com/blog/

In February, I attended Edmund Ng’s SEO Training. He mentioned that search engine put less weight on indexing pages above 2nd levels. For example, the URL (http://pohee.com/Level-1/Level-2/Level-3), pages in "Level-3" level receives less focus by search engine crawler.

Search engine crawlers expect the important content to be found within the first two or three subfolders. by GetInPosition.

My Choice

I will go ahead with the Sub-Folder implementation. The current domain (www.AquariumFishExporter.com) is having a page rank 2. I would like to boost it by adding more page under the main domain. If I go with the Sub-Domain option, the search engine will treat it as a new domain. It takes times to re-build the domain.

Conclusion, the new blog address will be http://AquariumFishExporter.com/Blog/<Post Name>.

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The Begin of A Jobless Lifestyle

In February 2008, I quit my day job in order to follow my dreams of becoming an Internet entrepreneur. This blog is my record of that journey. My aim is to learn how to make a living online and transfer that knowledge to others through this blog.

Just to update you on my latest progress:-

Fish Export Business

50% of my times is dedicated to my fish export business. I am the business development manager for my business. I am using my Internet marketing knowledge to expand my business to the whole world in the most efficient way. If you need any fish, contact me :)

Internet Marketing

It is part of my passive income for the future. This kind of business is fully automated. I can earn money while I am sleeping. Now, I am working with my partner - Eddie Ooi and Jiangti to sell eBook and seminar. If this project goes well, there will be more projects coming out. My target income from this business is USD10,000 per month.

Online Community

As you all know, I am one of the co-founder for the Malaysia #1 Part Time Job Community - AsiaPartTime.com. This is my pet project with my partner - Jiangti. We took 6 months to be #1 Part Time Job site in Malaysia. This is an useful community for students, teenagers and working adult who wish to earn some extra pocket money to sustain their life. Last month, we invite YouthMalaysia.com to join our team to market this community. I am cracking my head to explore more opportunity to make the most money out from it.

Last month, we launched another project - LetARoom.com - A Room classified site. We only focus on helping people look for rooms. If you want to find some roommate or has some empty rooms for rent, give a try with us. It’s FREE.

I will keep update on my journey. I wish to have more time for my blog. I learn the new way of blogging. I don’t give a sh*t on my grammar / language. IT is up to you to catch up my writing. smile_speedy

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My Visit to my Primary School Class Monitor’s Graduation

Today, I attended my Standard Six Class Monitor - Sharon Lee. I guess, she is the last graduate among all our classmate. I been working for 4 years and now she only graduate. Why? No because she is stupid but the smartest among all of us. She graduated with the Degree in Dentistry. She is not studied in any of the private college like us but the top of the top Local university in Malaysia - University Malaya.

Back to the graduation, it is my first time visit to local University Convocation. It is totally different from mine which held 2 years back in Hotel Istana. The feel is much better in local University. You really can feel it that you graduate!

I bought her a nice soft toy. It is a PIG and we called it "Mak Tou". IMG_0583

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