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Happy New Year - 2013

After 5 years never update my blog, now i feel like update it to show I still alive.

Generally, these 5 years is my challenging life.
First of all, I got married. This is one of the milestone in my life.

Here is the summary of my works:
- Build a fish business with my brother from nothing until today into a medium size exporter in Malaysia.
- Build an Alliance for Aquarium Industry. First of it kind in this industry.
- Starting our first Regional distribution center in Dubai.
—- In fact, i moved to Dubai to start this center. I will be here for 2 years minimum to start this center. I hope it could automatically run after 2 years. My job is to build a system and a team.
- Experienced the worst time of my life ever up to now. 2 months life in Sudan. The 4th world country.
- Experienced 9 months life in Bali-Indonesia. I met good and bad partners. Generally, it is a bad experience in Bali. Nothing special for me in Bali. I do not know, why so many people like to travel to Bali. It is so damn traffic jam. Tired of it.

Time to Take a rest in Dubai now. Enjoying the Desert life.

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