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Salary Review

 Thanks to my friend who sent me this old funny joke on Salary Review. I am waiting for my review too. I am not sure when my company going to review my salary too  Anyway, let’s have a fun with this joke.

What you need to survive

What you asked your manager for


What you felt it as

What you received ….. Before Tax

What you received ….. After Tax


Does this joke reflect on your current job? If yes, I recommend you either RESIGN and look for another high pay job or work part time.

Recently, my friend recommended a good place to find part time job - - Malaysia’s Trusted Part-Time Job Community. Perhaps, you should try that on.

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Are you under-paid?

Are you a Malaysian? Are you an employee? Yearly appraisal review around the corner?

Read it out. Use the surveyed salary range to request from your employer. Show him the result if your under-paid !

Software Engineer
As a software engineer, i guess the survey didn’t cover Cyberjaya region. The salary market is a bit better than other region around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If you work in Cyberjaya, you may top-up another 20% of the survey result.

Are you a Software Engineer? Master in ASP.NET? Here is the opportunity for you to join me as a Monster.

This survey is done by Jobstreet, the top Job Recruitment in Malaysia. Unfortunately, a new Monster will be challenging this position soon. Let’s wait……..

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