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How Bridgestone Tire helps you to get your girlfriend out?

Today, my friend "Yoong" sent me a funny movie clip on the Bridgeston Tire used in Thailand. I guess this ads had bring up the sales of bridgestone tire in a tremendous rate.

Look at that uncle’s hair, damn cute, like the Chun li in Straight fighter. OMG, SHE is wearing a white shirt :P

So guys, if you want to get your girlfriend out from their parents, change your car tire to bridgestone tire. Car tire will increase your rating in their heart.

Bridgestone - Passion for Excellence

Never let your Girl Friend to know your good friend !

if not, you will be like the main actor in the clip. Now everybody using BridgeStone Tire.

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Umbrera Girl in Monorail

What is wrong with this girl? I guess our KL Monorail is leaking water. :P

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The best car accident in Malaysia

Look @ this stupid driver. Out of so many place bang, purposely go bang into Petrol station. Is him a suicide bomber?:P

Click the photo to enlarge it and enjoy :)

Another Miracle Escape

This driver of a local Soft-Drink-Can made car that plunged from a sixth floor of a multi-storey car park in Penang live to tell about the incident. She only walked away with a broken arm :P

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It is a Stress Monday

Click on the image to view in slide show :)

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Maxis is a copy cat!

Maxis really re-act damn bloody fast on their marketing event. 3 days back, Digi just launch their new prepaid package-Fu-Yoh. I like the creative idea advertising their product. This time they use finger to attract comsumer.

This morning, I saw Maxis(Copy cat) come out a similar prepaid package with the same idea - Finger. But this time, they used more fingerS (5) with extra condoms(Extra favours). :P


I got a good idea to promote my site- as below

Nice toe?

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