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Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParserErrorException @ MS Ajax

Spending a weeks to troubleshoot the "Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParserErrorException" error in my company’s project.


Finally I found the workaround for it. Very easy, just disable the enableEventValidation on the ASPX page containing the UpdatePanel.

If this workaround doesn’t work for you, you should probably look @ Eilon Lipton’s Blog. Here is some of his findings:

Why do I keeping getting a PageRequestManagerParserErrorException?

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FREE Movie Ticket

Today, GSC is offering a promotion on "Buy 1 FREE 1". This promotion is valid from March 10 till 31 March in all the GSC cinemas.

Faster print out the following voucher and claim a FREE ticket from GSC.  

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Why the clock/watch advertisement always show 10:10 ?

I was curious on finding out why the clock/watch in advertisement always show 10:10?

Here is two suggested answers :

  • It looks the cleanest and most symmetrical and shows the brand name, or logo, which is usually just below the center of the face. Some companies have started using 10:08 or 10:12 as the time in an advert because it will keep the longer minute hand from blocking the numeral.
  • It is one of the better ways to view both hands on the watch. Consider that you view things top to bottom so by having it at 10:10 you get a clear view of the hands when glancing at a watch in a photo - versus having to find them if set at 5:40 for example.

Do you have any other answer?

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Are you going back to HomeTown?

Every year, our Cash rich Petronas will produce a nice advertisement during the festival season. This year is no different. They choose  光良’s famous song 约定 as the theme song for the Chinese new year (CNY) advertisement.

This ads is about a group of old folks living at their hometown and waiting for their children to celebrate CNY together.

Let’s enjoy this Ads together :

Wish you all have a happy Chinese New Year.

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Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese new year is around the corner. Still got 3 more days to go. Wish you all have a Happy Chinese New Year. Everybody “Fat Choi” just like greeting movie clip below :

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