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Affin-WC on target!

After 3 years of quiting share invesment, I entered the market again. This time, I bought Affin-WC. I got faith on his mother Affin Bank Berhad. I guess he will be the next target for merging / overtaking. Currently, it is own by Ministry of Defence through Boustead Berhad.

Actually, Affin Bank is one of the highest Non-Performing-Loan (NPL) among all the local banks. May be it is the attracting point of being taking over by other bank. I guess the bankers are very keen on Malaysia bank since it comply with Islamic investment policy.

After Kuwait Finance House failed to shop on RHB bank, I am sure they won’t give up easily as they have tons of money to invest. Hence, Affin bank most probably is the next target.

Back to the share investment, I bought 1000 shares at RM0.59 to test water :P. Hopefully it will performs in these few months times. Anyway, this WC is expiring on 07-July-2010 with the converting price @ RM3.10. I got still 3 more years to gamble on it.

As a small fish here, I aimed to sell Affin-WC @ RM0.70 as it reached in late February. Then, invest on my next target AirAsia

Here is the 3-Months historical chart by The Star




Latest update: I sold it @ 0.65 this morning. Make profit of RM33 :). But I missed the highest traded price @ 0.68 :(

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