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Building Auto Respondent Email by using Testimonials

Build Auto Respondent email via Testimonial If you looking for a way to create a good email for your auto-respondent, this is a good article you must READ. - Testimonials Sell. Email Them by MindValley.

Personally, I been struggling to read an effective auto-respondent email for my fish business. So far, I only created 4 emails for it. By right, the ideal number should be 7 emails in order to convince the potential leads on your service and product.

The easiest way to start-off is using the testimonial from your client .Testimonial is one of the zero cost tool described in Guerilla Marketing. Use it to build the trust between you and your leads. Leads always believe on what people say about your service / product.

What to wait? Check out the simple way to use Testimonial as the beckoned of your auto-respondent email.

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SEO Tips: Ideal Folder Level In Website Hierarchy

Today, I was researching on the ideal level of folder hierarchy for a website from the SEO aspect. I would like to have a best structure for future expansion of my next project  which is setting up a Blog for my fish export business. I have 2 options; either setup the blog in Sub-Domain or Sub-Folder structure just as below:

Sub-Domain Structure:

Sub-Folder Structure:

In February, I attended Edmund Ng’s SEO Training. He mentioned that search engine put less weight on indexing pages above 2nd levels. For example, the URL (, pages in "Level-3" level receives less focus by search engine crawler.

Search engine crawlers expect the important content to be found within the first two or three subfolders. by GetInPosition.

My Choice

I will go ahead with the Sub-Folder implementation. The current domain ( is having a page rank 2. I would like to boost it by adding more page under the main domain. If I go with the Sub-Domain option, the search engine will treat it as a new domain. It takes times to re-build the domain.

Conclusion, the new blog address will be<Post Name>.

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How a Powerful Sales Email help you on your business?

Last month, I bought 100 useful Internet Marketing eBooks from the Send Us to US campaign which organized by Gobala, Vince Tan, and Melvin Ng. I decided to give a read on one of the of 100 eBooks - "Email Writing Secrets" by Jason Oickle.

My problem on the Internet Marketing is lacking of good sales page and sales email. My opt-in list is growing steady by using Google Adwords but I need a good sales email to convert all the opt-in email. So, I need a Power Sales Email to boost the conversation rate.

I would like to share How Jason describe a powerful sales email that can work for you:

Email is the way that you contact the members of your list on a regular
basis and do so for the purpose of selling them a product or service for which you are an affiliate marketer.

1. By writing powerful sales emails you will make a great many
sales to your list. By writing weak and ineffectual emails you won’t
make sales to your list.


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Blog for Money - Chapter 1 -

After 2 weeks of investigating ways to increase the income for my community blog as well as my won blog, I found a good way to generate revenue by write blog. Not for me, it is for other advertiser. I always believe writing blog will get my 1st $10k. Let’s get it started with blog for money - Chapter 1.

image Finally, this week I gave a try on PPP (PerPerPost) - the market leader on blog advertising network. Basically, you can choose what to write from the opened opportunity listed in PPP. Choose it and write it. Each topic will give you a minimum of $5. Then they will pay you after they verify your post. Pretty simple and easy.

Unfortunately, there is some catches here: 

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How to Setup Your own Blog with your own domain in 8 Step?

Nowadays, everybody like to blog but most of them are using other 3rd party blog services such as and Do you want to own your blog with your own domain like me - Very easy, just take you 8 steps to get that:

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