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Building Auto Respondent Email by using Testimonials

Build Auto Respondent email via Testimonial If you looking for a way to create a good email for your auto-respondent, this is a good article you must READ. - Testimonials Sell. Email Them by MindValley.

Personally, I been struggling to read an effective auto-respondent email for my fish business. So far, I only created 4 emails for it. By right, the ideal number should be 7 emails in order to convince the potential leads on your service and product.

The easiest way to start-off is using the testimonial from your client .Testimonial is one of the zero cost tool described in Guerilla Marketing. Use it to build the trust between you and your leads. Leads always believe on what people say about your service / product.

What to wait? Check out the simple way to use Testimonial as the beckoned of your auto-respondent email.

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How a Powerful Sales Email help you on your business?

Last month, I bought 100 useful Internet Marketing eBooks from the Send Us to US campaign which organized by Gobala, Vince Tan, and Melvin Ng. I decided to give a read on one of the of 100 eBooks - "Email Writing Secrets" by Jason Oickle.

My problem on the Internet Marketing is lacking of good sales page and sales email. My opt-in list is growing steady by using Google Adwords but I need a good sales email to convert all the opt-in email. So, I need a Power Sales Email to boost the conversation rate.

I would like to share How Jason describe a powerful sales email that can work for you:

Email is the way that you contact the members of your list on a regular
basis and do so for the purpose of selling them a product or service for which you are an affiliate marketer.

1. By writing powerful sales emails you will make a great many
sales to your list. By writing weak and ineffectual emails you won’t
make sales to your list.


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How to create a good Affiliate Banner?

Nowadays, I was researching on internet marketing. I read tons of blogs and articles. They keep talking about TRAFFIC (not traffic jam :))- it is Web Traffic. One of the most common way to achieve a high volume of traffic is create your own affiliate program. One of the key component of the program is Affiliate Banner. Then, try to place your banner everyway such as forum, blogs and websites. Your banner must be attractive and meaningful. Here is some tips to create a Effective Affiliate Banner

  • Small file size
    • Ideal size is between 10K and 15K.
    • Why? because People have no time to wait. A large .gif or .jpg file takes a few seconds to download, wherein the visitor may have either left the page or just scrolled down the page without seeing the banner.
    • Conclusion: Big File Size = No See = No Click
  • A clear call to Action on your banner.
    • Most common message for the call are ‘click here’ or ‘sign up now’, where you guide the user to click on the banner.
    • The main reason this has to be included is that people are so used to off-line advertising where people just see banners, without having to do anything. Frankly speaking, I am one of those :) They are usually not aware that they have to click on the banner to find out more! So make it a point to have a call to action on your banner ad to improve the effectiveness of the banner.
    • Conclusion: People are stupid. Give them an instruction to CLICK.
  • Small Animation
    • People are always more attracted by moving elements in a banner.
    • As the whole idea of banner advertising is to grab the attention of the reader, using small animation in the banner is sure to achieve this.
    • However, make it small because if the file for the animation is large, then its downloading time will be long.
    • Conclusion: (Small Animation with small file size) = Attraction and Efficient
  • Color
    • Use bright colors like blue, green and yellow. This is proven as it have a higher CTR than black and white banners. The color red should be used sparingly.
    • Conclusion: Bright Color = Comfortable + higher CTR
  • FREE
    • Do you like the word "FREE". I guess everybody like it. Thus, It is quite advisable using the word “free” in the banner as you are bound to get more clicks this way.
    • Of course, you should decide on this free offer, according to the object of the banner ad. Show the reader that clicking on the banner will prove to be beneficial to him or her.
    • Conclusion: People is CHEAP. Like to look for FREE things. FREE = CATCH.
  • Ask a Question
    • People will pay more attention when looking at question compare to normal fact text.
    • You could place questions like ‘do you want more traffic’ or ‘need help with taxes’ in the banner, wherein the answer is found on your website.
    • People don’t have the patience to read long banners; so keep them short. When people click on a banner, they want to go directly to the web page to find the information they want. They don’t have the patience to end up on the home page to go hunting for the required information.
    • Once they enter your homepage, then it is the time to kill them!
    • Conclusion: Question = more attention.

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