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FREE MSDN Magazine

If you are a Microsoft programming fans, it is a good stuff for you. Hurry up, get the MSN magazine for free @ here.

Today, they just released June edition

Highlight for this month

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How to Write Reciprocal Link Request Email ?


I was expanding my brother’s fish business websites - One of the SEO way of bringing up the position in search engines is building up the Reciprocal link database.

What is Reciprocal Link?

A reciprocal link is a mutual link between two objects, commonly between two websites in order to ensure mutual traffic. Example: have websites. If Shally’s website links to PohEe’s website, and PohEe’s website links to Shally’s website, these websites are reciprocally linked.

Back to the business, I saw a lot of nice Fish Information sites and I would like to link up with them. The easiest way is sending them a Reciprocal Link Request Email. I am lazy to write it from scratch, so I google it a bit with keyword "Reciprocal Link Request Email". I am glad to find a website on sharing all the email template for Reciprocal Link Request Email.

Here is some of the templates by David Callan:

I saw your site!
Link exchange!
Reciprocal link exchange!
I just visited your [Recipient’s URL] website - well done!
Your links page
Please consider [Your URL] for a link exchange!
Want to increase your pagerank?
Increase your link popularity!
I have linked to your [Recipient’s URL] site!
Your resources pages
Hi [Recipient’s name] - I run [Your URL]
Link trade proposal for your consideration / review!
Can you send me a description of your site for my links page?


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Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParserErrorException @ MS Ajax

Spending a weeks to troubleshoot the "Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParserErrorException" error in my company’s project.


Finally I found the workaround for it. Very easy, just disable the enableEventValidation on the ASPX page containing the UpdatePanel.

If this workaround doesn’t work for you, you should probably look @ Eilon Lipton’s Blog. Here is some of his findings:

Why do I keeping getting a PageRequestManagerParserErrorException?

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MS AJAX : Update Panel only postback once

Recently, I was assigned to migrate Magic Ajax to MS Ajax. I found out that MS Ajax doesn’t support the following code that tied to the onSubmit attribute on the server form:

ServerForm.Attributes.Add("onSubmit", "if (this.submitted) return false; this.submitted = true; return true");

Basically, this javascript used to prevent Users from Submitting a Form Twice. Indirectly, it only allow asp:UpdatePanel to post back once. The subsequent post back is blocked.

The workaround is remove the attached javascript and it will works fine. However, it break the rule on preventing multiple form submision.

I proposed two better approaches to replace the workaround.

1. Disabling a Button When Clicked (by

Many websites prevent a user from submitting a form more than once by disabling the submit button upon being clicked. Along with disabling the submit button, sites typically change the button’s text from its initial value (such as "Submit") to some other value indicating than action has taken place (like "Submitted"). Changing the text and disabling the button can be accomplished using a couple lines of JavaScript in the button’s client-side onclick event handler:

 Here is the live demo.

2. "Freezing" the Page On Form Submission (by

Nowadays, many websites freeze the screen when the form is submitted. It is  to prevent double form submissions. Specifically, the screen is frozen by placing a full screen, absolutely positioned element above all other elements on the page (specifically a <div> element). This covers up the content beneath the element and prevents the user from interacting with the form elements.

This technique is very common for Rich application development especially Ajax-support websites. Once you freeze up the page, you can do a lot of background processing in the  asynchronization way.

 Here is the live demo.

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Malaysia Domain ( is on sales


I saw this promotion in Let share it out :) offering Webmaster Malaysia member a MYNIC domain registration only for RM60.00/year.

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