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The New Face of Web Giant - Tags, Ajax, Blogs & Wikis

Finally, our web giant - Amazon is moving towards Web 2.0 with the implementation of the main components:

  • Tags


  • Ajax

Ajax in Amazon

  • Blog

Blog @Amazon

  • Wikis

For more details on the enhanced version of Amazon, find it from here.
How about the other Web Giants? Wake up please. It is time to move on.
Shall I propose to my company on moving towards to same directions as Amazon did? I believe it is a new stream of income. Let’s wait for my proposal :)

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Where to visit during your free time?

According to, the top 3 websites to burn your free times are MySpace, Yahoo and MSN. - Top 20 websties for burning free times.








The top 3 websites are design in the web portal concept. Is this concept still attractive in the Web 2.0 era? May be it still working because web surfer used to the old design concept.

Enjoy your times in these websites :) Please don’t waste too much times especially you are WORKING! But it is good to introduces to your boss and waste the your producitivy times together :P

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