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Do you want to setup a online shop? Let’s start it !

Today, I just read through a nice blog on setting up an online shop. They are introducing a new service for us to setup online store in 5 minutes. Then start selling our products on the internet with 1 billion portential customer. It is prettty cool right?. Here is the few good online store setup services.

Pretty Cool right? 3 Steps to sell your product online. I wish to do it but I got no niche product to sell. Do you have any? Let’s share it. :)


This service provide a lot of Add-on widget from the other popular Web 2.0 websites. Here is some of it:

I don’t like this service. It didn’t show us the clear message on what is their core service is. Perhaps, you have to try it out before you know how it works.

Is it looks like any love-matching site? haha. You are wrong. This is the leading online store. You can print anything you like on their product such as t-shirt, mug, and glass. Then you can start selling your product online. It is veyr simple. If you are a good graphic design with creative gens, you will definately make huge of money. May be I will print our Malaysia failure project - PROTON on T-Shirt and start selling to the world. Let them know how SUCK is PROTON!

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The New Face of Web Giant - Tags, Ajax, Blogs & Wikis

Finally, our web giant - Amazon is moving towards Web 2.0 with the implementation of the main components:

  • Tags


  • Ajax

Ajax in Amazon

  • Blog

Blog @Amazon

  • Wikis

For more details on the enhanced version of Amazon, find it from here.
How about the other Web Giants? Wake up please. It is time to move on.
Shall I propose to my company on moving towards to same directions as Amazon did? I believe it is a new stream of income. Let’s wait for my proposal :)

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