Delicious Trip @ Ipoh Malaysia

Looking for a trip but hardly find a free time slot for all? No more excuses for you to exclude for trip to Ipoh Malaysia as it can be as easy as you want. For those makan-kaki, I guess this might be a delicious trip for you too….. Let’s consider depart from KL at 6am. You will reach Ipoh, Malaysia around 8am. Let’s roll the trip

8am: Dim Sum @ Fu San, Ipoh Malaysia
Variety of DimSum which make you cant stop eating…

9am: After DimSum, remember to try the famous Tau fu Fah filled by wooden pail.

10am: Egg Tart + Sai ki mah
You can tabao bring back for your friends + relative too

11am: If your friends dont like to eat egg tart, then you can consider Hiong Ping. Its a famous biscuit from Ipoh Malaysia too.

12.30pm: Have some light lunch with Home Made Yong Tau Fu, Curry Mee or Laksa.

1.30pm: Dessert time with Muachi & Peanut Dessert

2pm: Jusco time & Pamelo time as Ipoh famous with Pamelo as well. You can go for a movie/ shopping but must give your tummy a break as more food to come…
The nearest big cinema is TGV

4pm: Tea time with Old Town White Coffee, especially for those coffee lover. Remember to order some baked toast too

5pm: Delicious Crab - Oyster Sauce Crab, Sweet Sour Crab, various type of seafood. Wah, so delicious


7pm: Take away/ Dine-in Salty Chicken & Bread Chicken (Kampar)


8pm: Famous Nga Choi (Taugeh) Chicken + Sar Hor Fun (Onn Kei)

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