How to Setup Your own Blog with your own domain in 8 Step?

Nowadays, everybody like to blog but most of them are using other 3rd party blog services such as and Do you want to own your blog with your own domain like me - Very easy, just take you 8 steps to get that:

  1. Buy your OWN Name (Domain). My favorite domain registrar is  Before you purchase any domain, remember to get a promotion code from Deal Taker. image It will save you 2USD per domain.
  2. Get a web hosting. Google around for the cheapest and reliable web hosting.  My commendation is choose the web hoster in your country. Why? SPEED! Last time I hosted my blog in US. The connection speed is killing me. Indirectly, I lost interest on blogging for awhile because of it. Once I transfer it back to my country, my interest is back. Your web hosting package must support PHP 4 and above and MySQL database. It is the basic requirement to host a blog in WordPress. Currently, I am using IPServerOne’s image Linux hosting package. They are one of the top web hoster in Malaysia. One of their biggest customer is Low Yat Forum.
  3. Point your domain to the web hosting nameserver - Your web hosting company will provide you their nameserver. It will take 24 - 48 hours to tell the WholeWideWorld about you change your location of your domain. image
  4. Get a Blog Engine. We highly recommend you to use WordPress. It is the most popular blog engine. Download it from here. Their plugin library is huge and growing fast.
  5. Configure your web hosting. Get a FTP account for uploading the wordpress installation files.
  6. Create a MySQL database. Wordpress is using MySQL to store the data such as blog post, categories, user account and etc. It is the heart of your blog. Ask your web hosting company got provide any daily backup or not. Anyway, we will talk about the database backup plugin later.
  7. Install wordpress - Unzip the installation file and include the database settings into the config file (wp-config.php).Here is some good guide for configuring the wp-config.php. Then, upload your wordpress into your web hosting through FTP account created in Step 5. Once it is up, run the following page:http://<YourDomain>.com/wp-admin/install.php Fill in the required info then it will install in 1 minute.
  8. Finally, your blog is up :) Access it through : http://<YourDomain>.com/

If you need any help, please leave your message in the comment. I will help you ASAP for FREE. Why is FREE? Because I like to read your blog too smile_wink

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