SEO Tips: Ideal Folder Level In Website Hierarchy

Today, I was researching on the ideal level of folder hierarchy for a website from the SEO aspect. I would like to have a best structure for future expansion of my next project  which is setting up a Blog for my fish export business. I have 2 options; either setup the blog in Sub-Domain or Sub-Folder structure just as below:

Sub-Domain Structure:

Sub-Folder Structure:

In February, I attended Edmund Ng’s SEO Training. He mentioned that search engine put less weight on indexing pages above 2nd levels. For example, the URL (, pages in "Level-3" level receives less focus by search engine crawler.

Search engine crawlers expect the important content to be found within the first two or three subfolders. by GetInPosition.

My Choice

I will go ahead with the Sub-Folder implementation. The current domain ( is having a page rank 2. I would like to boost it by adding more page under the main domain. If I go with the Sub-Domain option, the search engine will treat it as a new domain. It takes times to re-build the domain.

Conclusion, the new blog address will be<Post Name>.

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