My Visit to my Primary School Class Monitor’s Graduation

Today, I attended my Standard Six Class Monitor - Sharon Lee. I guess, she is the last graduate among all our classmate. I been working for 4 years and now she only graduate. Why? No because she is stupid but the smartest among all of us. She graduated with the Degree in Dentistry. She is not studied in any of the private college like us but the top of the top Local university in Malaysia - University Malaya.

Back to the graduation, it is my first time visit to local University Convocation. It is totally different from mine which held 2 years back in Hotel Istana. The feel is much better in local University. You really can feel it that you graduate!

I bought her a nice soft toy. It is a PIG and we called it "Mak Tou". IMG_0583

Anyway, all the best to my best monitor. Both of us been same class for the whole entire life in my primary school. It is very hard to find such a classmate. Btw, she is going to married next month and then follow her husband to USA. Wish her all the best in her life in USA.



Here is her photos with two of my other primary school classmate.


You will be surprise, how come I am not in the photo right? Because I forgot to take it with my camera. Hopefully, she will send the one with me inside.

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