The Begin of A Jobless Lifestyle

In February 2008, I quit my day job in order to follow my dreams of becoming an Internet entrepreneur. This blog is my record of that journey. My aim is to learn how to make a living online and transfer that knowledge to others through this blog.

Just to update you on my latest progress:-

Fish Export Business

50% of my times is dedicated to my fish export business. I am the business development manager for my business. I am using my Internet marketing knowledge to expand my business to the whole world in the most efficient way. If you need any fish, contact me :)

Internet Marketing

It is part of my passive income for the future. This kind of business is fully automated. I can earn money while I am sleeping. Now, I am working with my partner - Eddie Ooi and Jiangti to sell eBook and seminar. If this project goes well, there will be more projects coming out. My target income from this business is USD10,000 per month.

Online Community

As you all know, I am one of the co-founder for the Malaysia #1 Part Time Job Community - This is my pet project with my partner - Jiangti. We took 6 months to be #1 Part Time Job site in Malaysia. This is an useful community for students, teenagers and working adult who wish to earn some extra pocket money to sustain their life. Last month, we invite to join our team to market this community. I am cracking my head to explore more opportunity to make the most money out from it.

Last month, we launched another project - - A Room classified site. We only focus on helping people look for rooms. If you want to find some roommate or has some empty rooms for rent, give a try with us. It’s FREE.

I will keep update on my journey. I wish to have more time for my blog. I learn the new way of blogging. I don’t give a sh*t on my grammar / language. IT is up to you to catch up my writing. smile_speedy

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