I LOST my SuperMan - Fitness First Bag!

Today, I had some drink with my good friend cum business partner to discuss our soon -to-be launched Pet Project at Banana Leaf, Center Point, Bandar Utama.

Once I got back to my car and slammed my door, I heard some glass breaking sound. then, I look to my passanger side, my window is GONE! WTF. Then, I look back, my Fitness First bag is gone too. It is my only fitness bag. Some more got a nice Superman logo on it. Inside got a set of my sport clothes and my old spec. All is Gone!

The worst thing is, I have to send my car to repair. It forces me to take a day off (but I got plenty Paid leave and Un-Paid leave to use:) ). It will cost me around RM200. Really bad luck!

Here is the photos on my "Lou Yer Cher" (Old Car).


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