How a Powerful Sales Email help you on your business?

Last month, I bought 100 useful Internet Marketing eBooks from the Send Us to US campaign which organized by Gobala, Vince Tan, and Melvin Ng. I decided to give a read on one of the of 100 eBooks - "Email Writing Secrets" by Jason Oickle.

My problem on the Internet Marketing is lacking of good sales page and sales email. My opt-in list is growing steady by using Google Adwords but I need a good sales email to convert all the opt-in email. So, I need a Power Sales Email to boost the conversation rate.

I would like to share How Jason describe a powerful sales email that can work for you:

Email is the way that you contact the members of your list on a regular
basis and do so for the purpose of selling them a product or service for which you are an affiliate marketer.

1. By writing powerful sales emails you will make a great many
sales to your list. By writing weak and ineffectual emails you won’t
make sales to your list.


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