How to Write Reciprocal Link Request Email ?


I was expanding my brother’s fish business websites - One of the SEO way of bringing up the position in search engines is building up the Reciprocal link database.

What is Reciprocal Link?

A reciprocal link is a mutual link between two objects, commonly between two websites in order to ensure mutual traffic. Example: have websites. If Shally’s website links to PohEe’s website, and PohEe’s website links to Shally’s website, these websites are reciprocally linked.

Back to the business, I saw a lot of nice Fish Information sites and I would like to link up with them. The easiest way is sending them a Reciprocal Link Request Email. I am lazy to write it from scratch, so I google it a bit with keyword "Reciprocal Link Request Email". I am glad to find a website on sharing all the email template for Reciprocal Link Request Email.

Here is some of the templates by David Callan:

I saw your site!
Link exchange!
Reciprocal link exchange!
I just visited your [Recipient’s URL] website - well done!
Your links page
Please consider [Your URL] for a link exchange!
Want to increase your pagerank?
Increase your link popularity!
I have linked to your [Recipient’s URL] site!
Your resources pages
Hi [Recipient’s name] - I run [Your URL]
Link trade proposal for your consideration / review!
Can you send me a description of your site for my links page?


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